Dr Janice Scott Cover, is author of the book, “7 Insider Secrets: Transform Your Low-Performing Elementary School and Score an ‘A” in Record Time”.  She has spent most of her professional life working in urban school systems. Her life’s calling has been to provide and support the means through which all students can achieve high standards. Named one of South Florida’s Most Influential & Prominent Women, she has been featured in the Principal Magazine as a “Turn-Around Principal.”

About the Book

Dr Janice Scott Cover, veteran educator, offers a blueprint for dramatically improving student achievement in an urban elementary school.  The transformation model described in this book shows how to:

    • Use data and assessments to face the school’s truth and consequently make essential instructional and administrative decisions;
    • Organize the school community in preparation for radical, but necessary changes in the daily operations, personnel, budget allocations, instructional practices, team collaboration, professional development and parent and community engagement;
    • Establish a sense of urgency through shared accountability, setting purposeful measurable and achievable goals and constantly monitoring progress;
    • Recognize the importance of effective leadership, teaching test taking skills and strategies, and celebrating success.
    • Whether your school is urban or rural, has a large or small number of low performing students; if you are a school administrator, teacher, policymaker or education advocate, this book is an invaluable resource and will inspire and motivate you to action.

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7 INSIDER SECRETS TO TRANSFORM YOUR LOW-PERFORMING ELEMENTARY SCHOOL AND SCORE AN “A” IN RECORD TIME tells the story of a school’s dramatic transformation, in one year, from being among the lowest performing into a school whose standardized test scores were impressive and competitive.

In this book, Dr. Cover draws on her lifelong experience as a teacher to offer inspiration and guidance on teaching.