Fear is not all “Bad”

Throughout our lives, we experience different kinds of fear. I know teachers who are reluctant to move to another grade level, teach a different subject or worse, transfer to another school because of fear of the unknown. Fear often prevents us from achieving our goals, but from personal experience, I know that fear does not have to be crippling.

My biggest fear has always been the fear of failure. So, I try my best, constantly raise my own bar in order to achieve the desired goals.

To be gripped with fear is scary; palms sweating, heart racing and loads of negative thoughts consuming the mind. However, a fierce determination to succeed for yourself and others will minimize the crippling effects of fear and recognize that fear has benefits.

  1. Fear is a survival instinct so in times of fear, most people tend to stay focus on the goal.
  2. When we are aware of an impending fearful situation, like getting ready for an evaluation from a supervisor, meeting an influential person or getting ready for a job interview planning is the key.
  3. Whenever I am facing a fearful situation I will sometimes ask for help. Many professionals are

afraid to get help for fear of appearing unknowledgeable.

  1. Fear helps us to analyze a situation to make informed decisions.
  2. Fear has a way of forcing us to achieve.

So, manage your fears, step high into the unknown; the world awaits your brilliance. In my new book, a chapter is dedicated to believing in oneself.  In 7 Insider Secrets: Transform Your Low-Performing Elementary School and Score an A in Record Time we taught students how to overcome their fear of the standardized test and be victorious.


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