Kids have nothing to stress about! Or so you think.

When I was a child I was often told that I have no reason to be stressed because I don’t pay bills, my sole responsibility was to go to school, be respectful, complete my assignments and do well. Now, maturity, as well as personal and professional experiences, have taught me that children have feelings of stress too. Grown-ups must acknowledge and validate the feelings and help provide guidance and support for successful resolutions. So, what are the signs of stress in young people?
*Changes in social and/or academic behaviors
*Changes in communication with others
*Changes in sleep patterns
*Changes in eating habits
*Reoccuring complains about physical ailments like headaches and stomach pain
How do you help?
*If you are unable to help, seek support.
*Discuss that stress is not all bad.
*Stay calm
*Provide coping mechanisms.
*Celebrate successes
The demands of school and schooling are stressful. As the new school year starts, being more observant of signs of stress and arming yourself with strategies will contribute significantly to school success. Student success is a teacher’s success as described in my new book, Fifteen Insider Secrets to Career Success for Teachers.