Land of My Birth

We all have a safe space; that place where you are free to let yourself go, to temporarily forget worries and to reconnect with self. For me, that place is Jamaica, the land of my birth, the little island that set me on track for educational excellence, made me believe I could accomplish anything and where I have created a lifetime of wonderful memories.

As August 6, Jamaica’s Independence Day approaches, memories of that eventful day linger in my mind:

Getting souvenirs with Jamaican symbols

Participating in cultural activities

Attending church services

Dancing in the street

Colors of black, green and gold everywhere

Happy sharing caring people

Feeling hopeful

Unity and love

Abundance of food

Although I live outside of Jamaica I intentionally celebrate that historic day by:

Getting together with other Jamaicans

Teaching my heritage to non-Jamaicans

Teaching the young children about Jamaica

Decorating my house in Jamaican colors

Cooking Jamaican foods

Attend church service and other events commemorating our Independence Day

Call friends and family near and far

Paying special attention and tuning in to news from Jamaica

Playing Reggae music all day long

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