Learning Beyond the Classroom

Learning outside the classroom enhances students’ education.
For example, reading about a sporting event and even watching it on television will extend students’ learning. However, attending the event, observing the excitement from players and fans, listening to commentators and having a stadium or park food experiences create lasting memories and make meaningful school to real-world connections.
Similarly, science books are great resources for students and teachers. Students, however, tend to retain more science information when the textbook information is supplemented with science experiments. In like manner, social studies, history, and civic lessons will come to life with role plays organized and produced by students.
Student internship experiences and career days expand students’ knowledge of career choices, work-related behaviors, and attitudes and improve communication skills.
Parents can extend learning opportunities for children. Here are some ideas:
*Take children to the park, museums, art galleries
*Have meaningful discussions about television shows being watched by the entire family
*Involve children in activities like cooking and financial planning
*Based on the family budget. Before the trip let children do research about the people, places, customs, and foods. After the trip, discuss the experience
When I was a grade school teacher, I started each school year by soliciting donations for my classroom field-trip fund. The extra money made it possible for all students to participate in the many field trips we would take throughout the year. Of course, many field trips took place in the classroom with experts coming to us.
The school and home must work as partners to educate the child. The school shares what is happening in class and parents or caregivers can extend the learning with activities at home and in the community. It takes everyone to educate our children.
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