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Author Guides Teachers to Confidence in the Classroom

Career educator Janice Scott Cover is giving teachers the tools and guidance to make a lifelong career out of education, develop bonds with other teachers through various exercises and discussions, grow their network of resources, showcase their best attributes, and work on their weaknesses.

  LAKE WORTH, FL – From the time she was a young girl sitting in a small schoolhouse in Jamaica to becoming the Assistant Superintendent of one the America’s largest school districts, Dr. Janice Scott Cover never doubted her love for children, their well-being or education. “Teachers are Burdened: Proven Tips to Lighten the Load and Win” by Cover is an insightful tool for teachers, intended to facilitate lessons in classroom management and instruction, work-life balance, confidence in the classroom, and more. By inserting her life experiences into the narrative, Cover is able to highlight important lessons she learned in times of uncertainty and struggle throughout her 40-year career in education.

Like most young children in rural Jamaica, Cover loved to play ‘house’ with dolls and delighted in preparing make-belief meals just like her mother. For Janice, the dolls had a dual role; her offspring during playtime but more significantly her compliant students when she transitioned into a no-nonsense teacher. Today, her love for teaching remains, but along with it comes a lifetime of lessons and insight on how to be a strong educator.

“I wrote this book to teach what I have been learning and to assure my fellow educators that they too can achieve personal and professional success for themselves and students in their charge that will inevitably leave an eternal impact,” Cover said. 

“This is an inspiring book for anyone, whether you are a schoolteacher or a teacher of life. A must read from a phenomenal woman,” a reviewer wrote about the book.

 Readers will enjoy “Teachers are Burdened” as it provides a unique approach to the teacher-community relationship that has the potential to move schools in a positive direction and benefits students, teachers, families and entire communities along the way. Cover’s book can also be used as a resource for personal development and guidance on navigating life outside of the classroom. Topics like financial guidance, including tips on continuing one’s own education and keeping their family afloat financially on a teacher’s salary, as well as creating clear boundaries with their partner about their schedule are also highlighted in the novel.

 “Teachers are Burdened: Proven Tips to Lighten the Load and Win”

By Janice Scott Cover, EdD

ISBN: 9781480884632 (softcover); 9781480884625 (hardcover); 9781480884649 (electronic)  Available at the Archway Publishing Online Bookstore, Amazon and Barnes & Noble  

 About the author

Since receiving a bachelor’s of education at Louisiana State University, a master’s in educational leadership, and a doctorate of education from Nova Southeastern University, she has worked with each grade level, taught at the university level, served as an assistant principal, principal, director of elementary education, assistant and area Assistant Superintendent. To learn more, please visit


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