Rewards and Successes

Reward, like success, means different things to different people.

Parents continuously ride both waves. When their offsprings do well in academics or athletics; when they show respect to themselves and others and when they grow up to be productive, kind citizens parents feel a sense of accomplishment. There is that forever smile that says, “I think I did something right.” The positive moments tend to magically erase embarrassing, controversial or unsatisfactory situations.

A teacher’s reward and success experiences are simultaneously similar and different. Yes, it would be delightful for teachers to be better paid and receive superior compensation packages. That is an age-old story that I hope will be resolved sooner than later.

In the meantime, when students excel; teachers rightfully take credit, get more motivated and their passions for the profession are reignited. When students do less than is expected, teachers don’t give up. They find other ways to reteach while giving hope to youngsters.

One of the greatest rewards for teachers is when former students return to say ‘thanks for being a difference maker. When parents, school leaders, and community representatives acknowledge the work and sacrifice of educators it makes the job worthwhile.

I encourage everyone not to wait for big rewards and extrinsic factors. Find ways to celebrate small and large accomplishments.

In my first book, Seven Insider Secrets: Transform you Low-performing Elementary School and Score an A in Record Time and latest manuscript, Fifteen Insider Secrets to Career Success for Teachers I highlight the importance and strategies to celebrate rewards and successes along the journey. I also point to the significance of believing in yourself.

Please share some of your reward and success stories. Remember we are all in this together.

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