Are You Enjoying the Summer Vacation?

Be Good To Yourself

The last couple months of the school year are among the most challenging. There are final preparations for and administration of standardized tests; writing, administering and scoring end of year exams then generating Report Cards, conducting endless Parent Teacher Conferences, making pressing decisions about who should attend summer school, planning and executing end of year celebrations and student performances while making preliminary arrangements for the upcoming school year. Not to mention the emotions involved in saying goodbye to students who by then are feeling like family.

By the last day of school a teacher’s exhaustion level is beyond words and she cannot wait for the summer break to begin. Maintaining good health is critical particularly for educators. I know this and so do you even though, instinctively, we tend to put other people and things first as I discussed in my soon to be published book, Fifteen Insider Secrets to Career Success for Teachers. Summer is the best time to indulge yourself; to relax, rejuvenate and destress. Here are five reasons:

  1. Good for physical and mental health.
  2. Helps with your memory
  3. Allows time to catch up
  4. Provides opportunities to unclutter
  5. Helps to avoid burnout

Here are some helpful tips.

  1. Go on leisurely walks around your neighborhood
  2. Practice meditation or yoga
  3. Allow yourself more than ten minutes to have lunch
  4. Have lunch dates with your friends
  5. Plan special activities with your children and family
  6. Clean out the clothes closet and pantry
  7. Read for fun
  8. Allow yourself to just lounge around, without an agenda
  9. Cook your family’s favorite meals
  10. Treat yourself to an affordable gift