One chapter in my book is entitled Believe. I wrote this chapter to remind my readers about the power of self-approval. In my case, before I understood who I was, I had a village of people who showed me that I had the power within me to achieve. They never accepted mediocrity from me.  As a result, I worked hard to live up to expectations. Throughout my life I did my best to help others believe in their own abilities. Over the years I learned that I am enough. You are enough.

“My parents planted a seed of greatness within me. Their actions, not necessarily words, showed me that I could achieve. With limited education, they developed vocational and entrepreneurial skills that allowed them to educate three children, provide a home and financial support to many others, and offer apprenticeship opportunities to countless others. Alexander and Gwendolyn Scott also demonstrated that the strength of self also comes from being of service to others. They were community leaders in their own rights, ensuring kids and the needy in the community were protected. People knew that there was always an extra plate at our dinner table, and especially at Christmastime, anyone was welcome to dine with us”.