When Critics are Our Friends

More often than not, when we are criticized it stings and leaves a lingering sense of sadness. I will argue that those who admonish us may be doing more for us than our friends. Here are some of my reasons:

  1. Avoid taking criticisms too personally. When emotions are heightened, it is difficult to listen critically.
  2. Criticisms can help us grow. Listen and carefully analyze what is being said then develop the courage to make appropriate changes.
  3. Critics tend to provide a different viewpoint which could change the course of our life.
  4. Often criticism is coming from a place of love. Accept it in like manner.

The bottom line is to learn to accept criticism positively. Listen to what is being said, own your truth and dismiss or ignore that which does not apply to you.

I believe naysayers play an important part in our lives, for this reason, I have dedicated a chapter in my book Fifteen Insider Secrets to Career Success for Teachers. Children should also be taught how to acknowledge and accept constructive criticism.