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When I was growing up, my parents taught me the value of education.  All my life I was surrounded by teachers who took a personal interest in my growth and development.  They had a kind, yet no-nonsense approach toward my schoolwork. I feared and loved them; worked hard to please them and to make my parents proud. My role models were my teachers at school. My parents are my heroes. I give them credit for the lessons I got at home. Since I was a little girl I wanted to be a teacher and the people around me support my dream.  

As expected, I became a teacher, and a world of possibilities opened. Over an exhilarating forty year period, I have served as a teacher, school principal, Director of Elementary Education, Assistant Superintendent and college professor in diverse settings. I worked hard to be a beacon for students, and I have mentored fellow educators. I also proudly add author and writer to my profile.

I have shared my story along with proven instructional and leadership strategies with global audiences. I have been an attendee at Harvard Institute for School Leadership and twice at Darden/Curry School Executive Leadership.

The prestigious Principals’ Magazine named me Turnaround Principal. Other recognitions include Lifetime Achiever, one of Fifty Most Influential and Prominent Black Women in South Florida, Woman of Excellence, Most Accomplished Leader and Change Maker and Phenomenal Woman.

Education has given me a platform that I am using to help others realize their dreams.

Our Story

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We are experts in school improvement and transformation. We provide custom-made world-class professional development and educational consulting services that will significantly improve and sustain high student achievement wherever students are located.  Our mission is to partner with schools to significantly improve student achievement.

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